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Explosion in Beirut

On August 4th, the port of Beirut, Lebanon was engulfed in a massive explosion that shook the whole city. The explosion is believed to have been started by a fire near the grain silos, which spread to a warehouse that held 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate. Initially, there was a large explosion in the warehouse, followed by several smaller explosions that locals described as sounding like fireworks. Half a minute later, a final explosion occurred, creating a supersonic shockwave, mushroom cloud, and enough pressure to level the buildings surrounding the port, injure around 5,000 people, and kill close to 200.

This tragedy could not have come at a worse time for the Lebanese government. The country was recently hit hard with rising cases of COVID-19, and the already packed hospitals became flooded with victims of the explosion. This is why Lebanon needs aid from foreign countries more than ever.

To donate to the victims of the explosion, click here.

Written by Ben, District 9

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