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Quarantine Blog Post

From what I have seen and witnessed, quarantine completely turned our world upside down and changed life as we know it.

Whether it's a change of plans, traveling around the world, or going over to a friend's house, all familiar things we love to do have been thrown into confusion. The first few days felt normal, everyone thought it couldn't reach the United States and that it wasn't serious but then it gradually grew over time more and more things started to happen, eventually they ended up closing most of the schools and the vaccine wasn't a thing yet after most of the schools got shut down we started doing assignments online for a few weeks without attending online classes.

The next month later online classes became a thing and a example of what I want to mention is how scared and confused people were when I went into my classes and nobody knew what was to come in the future and what the world was going to do and how they would handle it, but with every negative comes a positive because people stated to get more and more familiar with the online learning.

A couple months after that vaccines started to become a thing and everyone started to figure out more ways t0 get through this pandemic, one step of that was opening the schools and other places back up but using the mask mandate and restrictions like requiring a mask and staying 6 feet apart.

Now we are still currently faced with that issue and are still keeping it embedded into our everyday lives, now people are still worried and everything but even still most people are less anxious as they were before and it's everyone's job in America to

ensure our safety through these tough times and we all have to be able to cooperate with each other and help each other too, as long as we stay true to our Morales we will finally be at peace and have a sense of normality in our lives once again.

Written by: Anyk Desquare

Edited by: Ricardo Corpus

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