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The North Texas Adolescent Health Summit And Why You Should Register.

From June 28th - 29th, the DFW area is hosting the North Texas Adolescent Health summit, a virtual summit to increase knowledge and provide resources to youth-serving professionals who work for and with youth. This virtual summit will cover physical and emotional development of youth during the summer as well as provide attendees with youth related services. The virtual summit will also go over how to apply these skills and resources on youth effectively. Over 150 professionals in youth health will be presenting and teaching attendees in workshops throughout the summit. Attendees will receive exceptional knowledge and resources on youth health, as well as be exposed to supporting organizations.

Registration is $50 and $60 for the inclusion of a CEU processing.

Some of the topics to be covered in the summit are but not limited to -

  • Information on teen pregnancy, adolescent health, and adolescent development.

  • Youth living in North Dallas

  • Promotion of innovative youth health and trauma services

  • Raise awareness to youth health access and disparities in DFW area

Contact at or 512.791.5110

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