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Dallas Youth Scholarship

The Vision:

The Dallas Youth Scholarship is a city-wide scholarship opportunity available for High School seniors who live in Dallas County. The Dallas Youth Scholarship aims to promote the pursuit of higher education by providing financial assistance to overachieving students. With a prize pool of  $30,000 we plan to have 1st place receive $15,000, 2nd place $10,000 and 3rd place $5,000. Unlike traditional scholarships, DYS is entirely led by and operated by youth. The Dallas Youth Commission will be in charge of processing and reviewing applicants.


Applicants will be processed in a series of rounds; first round being extracurricular, academic and community service evaluation, second round being an essay evaluation and finally the third round being an in person interview hosted by the Dallas Youth Commission at City Hall.

The Application Process:

First Round Criteria: 
  • Applicant excels in school. 

  • Applicant is actively involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, organizations, etc. 

  • Applicant demonstrates a record of community service. 

  • Applicant has a clear vision of their pursuit of higher education. 


Prompts will be included in Round 1 Application. Essay criteria includes:

  • Length: 400 words max.

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12

  • Spacing: 2.0 (Double spaced)


Immediate disqualification: Essay is more than 400 words. 

Second Round Criteria: 


Applicants will be notified whether they have moved on to Round 2 of the scholarship. Only 10 applicants will move on to this stage of the interview. More information will be emailed directly to those who have qualified. 

Applicants are recommended to arrive 15 minutes BEFORE their interview slot. 

October 7th - Scholarship Opens
October 21st- Scholarship Deadline
October 28th - Applicants will now whether they moved on to Round 2 
November 3rd & 4th - Applicants are interviewed by YC

November 14th - Applicants will be notified whether they receive the scholarship 
November 16th - Winners will be publicly announced
November 18th - Press release about the scholarship recipients 

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