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All Teens Everywhere

Our Mission:

The Dallas Youth Podcast is a bi-monthly, youth-led podcast that aims to inform teens about what’s happening around the city, issues affecting teens, and teen involvement in the Youth Commission.

We hope to have “special guests,” such as therapists/psychologists to give mental health advice and young adults who work with the police department to speak on police brutality/ways to report the police within the city. These special guests will also include high school students, who would be able to give their opinion on matters affecting teens (abortion, the government, environmental issues), and how they’re affected as Dallas citizens. Then we would discuss solutions; they can give feedback for the Youth Commission about what we can do to tackle these problems. 

Our goal is to bring a more current and targeted approach to communicating with Dallas youth. Being educated is extremely important; and what better way to learn about issues in your community than from other teens? We'll make it understandable, fun, and interesting listening experience!

"We hope we ate!"

- Simon Cohen, 2023

Want to join us?

If you want to share your ideas for potential topics or be featured in an episode, fill out our form. If you are a professional looking to speak with us, please indicate so -- you will be contacted shortly after your submission.

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Meet Your Hosts!


Andrea Mercado

  • Instagram

The creator of the podcast. She's witty, sorta funny, and is great when it comes to giving other people advice.


Myles Sturns-Thomas

  • Twitter

He's funny, he's sassy, and he's what brings this podcast together. He's the one that ties down everyone and brings us back to reality.


Margarita Hernandez

  • TikTok

She's definitely one to talk about her own experiences. She's feisty but super considerate of others' situations. 


Simon Cohen

He's funny, he's entertaining, and he's our mediator. Simon knows how to handle a conversation!

RACHEL 2.png

Rachel Jennings

She loves to prove others wrong with her witty manner. Rachel is smart, articulate, and will bring a sense of seriousness to the podcast.


Chloe Hawkins

She's passionate about issues in her community and will do her best to connect with listeners. Want to share your concerns? Chloe is your person!

Listen to our Podcast:

Did the All Teens Everywhere Podcast catch your attention? If so, below are all the different platforms where our podcast will be hosted. We will be posting our release schedule on social media @yoco_dallas, so feel free to give us a follow if you'd like to stay updated. If you think we ate, please share this podcast with your friends and family! 


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