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Dallas Youth Magazine

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The Dallas Youth Magazine is a city-wide publication put together by a group of Dallas-area teens. The inaugural issue comes out in the fall of 2022 and new editions will be released bi-annually. Dallas high schoolers can apply to work on the magazine on the Dallas Youth Commission website and follow the magazine’s Instagram @ycmagazine.

Our board is made up of 3 people: Arran Davis, the Chair; Lucas Helms, the Vice Chair; and, Ricardo Corpus, a Youth Commission representative. The magazine committee is split up into four roles: writers, artists, graphic designers, and editors. Each role is important to the success of the magazine. 

Every member of the magazine has almost entire creative liberty. Some topics that our Writers wrote about for the inaugural issue were gun control, volunteer opportunities, and local landmarks. Artists create pieces for the magazine that relate to written pieces, but they are encouraged to use their own creative style (paint, photography, pencil, etc.). Editors proofread articles, contribute to the formatting of the final copy of the magazine, and help the board generate ideas and stick to deadlines. The newest role, Graphic Designers, will be in charge of creating the layouts and pages for the magazine. They will need extensive knowledge of Photoshop, as well as Acrobat and other computer software. 

How to apply:

To be a part of the magazine, Dallas youth will have to go through an application process. It's extremely simple - just fill out the form linked below. You'll be hearing back from the magazine committee once all applications have been surveyed and evaluated. We would love to have a diversified magazine committee, so if you can, go outside your comfort zone and explore! Submit work that you think shows your best self.


At the moment, applications are closed until January, when the committee will begin working on the next edition of the magazine. If you have any questions, please email us at

Let’s Work Together

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