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Texas Youth Advisory Commission Summit

Event Elapsed!

About the Summit 

The Annual Texas Youth Advisory Commission (YAC) Summit is a two-day statewide event sponsored by the Texas Municipal League and hosted by the City of Dallas on February 4-5, 2023, at the Omni Dallas Hotel. For those arriving early, a welcome event will be held on Friday, February 3. Workshops will begin at 11:45 am on Saturday, February 4th!

The YAC Summit is an opportunity for cities, schools, and community youth groups to share their experiences of their programs and the positive impact that the programs have had locally. The summit is organized to promote a fun environment for youth and city leaders to learn from and work with each other. Adults and students will leave with a greater appreciation of their own programs and new ideas to move their group forward in coming years.


Workshops will start promptly at 11:45 am on Saturday, February 4th and will end at 9:45 am on Sunday, February 5th!

Branding and Outreach

Delegates will learn about the importance of branding and outreach when it comes to ALL youth council matters.. They will acquire the necessary skills to develop a good brand, maximize outreach to teens in their community, and engage teens through social media platforms  (Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc.) by keeping up with the newest trends. Delegates will have the opportunity to practice creating a marketing campaign for an initative of their choice by using tools such as Canva to create flyers and media posts. There will be a guest speaker, most likely from the Marketing and Communications department of a large corporation, answering questions about the importance of marketing and what a good brand looks like. 


Youth delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about professionalism through our workshop. The workshop will include speakers who serve as career advisers at one of the top universities in Texas. These speakers will teach delegates about some of the most important factors of professionalism such as attire, communication, and digital footprints. Additionally, delegates will be able to create their own elevator speech which serves as an excellent and quick way to pitch themselves to future employers or collaborators. This workshop will not only provide delegates with the opportunity to learn important factors of professionalism, but it will also help strengthen skills that they may already have in order to ensure a successful career. ​

Civil Discourse

Delegates will learn how to effectively communicate their ideas with agreeing and conflicting points of views. This workshop teaches essential public speaking and argumentation skills that can be utulized when pitching ideas, communicating with fellow commissioners, or throughout day to day life. This workshop will include a guest speaker who will speak about what professionalism entails in a workplace, giving details such as dresscode and behavior.

Initative Development

Delegates will learn how to develop a strategic plan and carry out a successful initaitve within their own communities. This workshop will discuss the hardships and setbacks that may occur when planning and initiative and how to overcome these setbacks with a possitive outlook. Delegates will be given an issue and they will have to create a hypothetical initiative to overcome this issue. Of course, like real life, there will be restrictions as to what the delegates can and cannot do: set amount of funding, limited resources, etc. This will not only allow delegates simulate the steps of creating an initiative like they would in their own towns, but it would bring a new perspective to the planning and enactment process.

Detailed Itinerary

Click here for a detailed itinerary of the 3-day event. The information on this document is subject to change!

Inside Look:

Below are pictures and videos from the Youth Advisory Commission Summit. From the glow-in-the-dark mixer, to the engaging workshops, delegates had an educational and immersive experience!

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