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Environmental Committee

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Working Toward a Sustainable Future

We are proud to announce the formation of the Dallas Environmental Youth Committee, an initiative to build a more sustainable future. Empowering and mobilizing the youth to take proactive steps toward environmental sustainability is essential, especially in a city like Dallas, which faces environmental issues due to its growth, such as...

  • Traffic, better public transit

  • Loss of green spaces

  • Strained infrastructure and urbanization (walkable communities for the win)

  • Extreme weather


The Environmental Committee plans to tackle these issues through a few of our endeavors we would like to introduce. This includes...

  • Partnering with environmental agencies

  • Updates on air quality testers

  • Working with other local organizations

  • Surveys with local groups about the environment

  • Hands-on work

How to apply:

The Committee cannot tackle these environmental problems on its own. If you are a high school student passionate about environmental justice and interested in making Dallas more sustainable, don't hesitate to apply using the link below. If you have any questions, please email us at

Meet the Team

 Meet the Youth Commissioners who are part of the Environmental Youth Committee! Below are their names, titles, and brief descriptions of their work.

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