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What is the Community Closet?

The Community Closet is an initiative started by Commissioner Margarita Hernandez at L.G. Pinkston High School. The closet, located on the first floor by the entrance of the school, is filled with personal hygiene products that fellow commissioners help collect at the closet's donation drive. Donations were brought from all around District 6 - even the Dallas Police donated! These products are available to all students at Pinkston.

Margarita's inspiration came from within. She wanted to create this closet because she herself would forget important hygiene products at home, like pads. She says the following:


"The school would give us those really thin liners and expected them to last 8 hours! I knew I had to do something."


She also knew that not everyone at Pinkston could afford personal hygiene products; students would get bullied for "smelling bad" because they didn't have deodorant at home. Now that she has established the closet, those students could visit it at any time and grab anything they needed at no cost to them.

Above are pictures from the Community Closet and Commissioners collecting products at the donation drive.

Are you interested in donating?

The Community Closet needs your help! In order to keep the flow of products consistent for students at Pinkston, the Community Closet is taking any and all donations coming its way. Below is a form you can fill out about the products you're interested in donating. You will be contacted shortly after your submissions. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us at

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