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Initiatives & Projects

What are initiatives?

Initiatives and projects are how the Youth Commission gives back to its community - they are ways for us to take direct action and tackle problems that are affecting youth in Dallas. But we don't do this alone; we need your help. There are many ways that teens in Dallas can get involved in the many initiatives the Commission has passed. Within these initiatives are committees, and some of these are composed of high school students outside the Commission.

Click on the name of each initiative for more information.

What are committees?

The Youth Commission has several different projects that are open to having Dallas youth on board to work. As of the moment, the only committee open to the public is the Dallas Youth Magazine Committee; if you're interested, check out the initiative page to learn how to apply. All of the projects below are led by Youth Commissioners who are passionate about the projects and are excited to have more teens working alongside them to create results that serve the City of Dallas well. 

Higher education has always been a goal of the Youth Commission; now, we have an initiative to help students make that a reality. Any high school senior is eligible to apply for scholarship towards their education and future.

This grant was created as a way to give back to organizations that benefit the growth and prosperity of Dallas youth. Read more to see if you are eligible to

apply - this is a great opportunity!

This event, which took place on October 19th, 2022, was meant to inspire youth to speak out and discuss issues in their communities. They were also given to opportunity to speak directly with the YC.

The city-wide publication of the magazine was made for youth by youth to advocate for youth success. All articles, art, and designs displayed are created by a board of teens selected through an application process.

This initiative aims to provide personal hygiene products to high school students who need them. Better yet, this closet is located right in the heart of District 6 at L.G. Pinkston High School. 

The Dallas Youth Spotlight is an event in which students from different districts are recognized, by the Mayor, for their excellence and contributions to their community. Any high school student can be nominated.

Inform high school students about issues in Dallas, as well as issues that affect teens as a whole. We will also be giving updates on initiatives happening within the Commission & youth events in the city. 

The Youth Commission is working alongside the City of Dallas to make menstrual hygiene products available to everyone. Use our interactive map to learn more about locations distributing products near you!

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