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Dallas Youth Scholarship

Donate to the Dallas Youth Scholarship Fund

Help the Dallas Youth Commission reach its goal of $30,0000 by donating to the DYS Scholarship Fund.

A Scholarship Opportunity By Youth, for Youth 

The Dallas Youth Scholarship is a city-wide scholarship opportunity for high school seniors living in the City of Dallas. The Dallas Youth Scholarship aims to promote the pursuit of higher education by providing financial assistance to overachieving students. The prize pool is  $30,000,  with 1st place receiving $15,000, 2nd place $10,000, and 3rd place $5,000. Unlike traditional scholarships, DYS is entirely led and operated by youth. The Dallas Youth Commission will be in charge of processing and reviewing applicants.

66.1 %

of DISD students are economically disdadvantaged. 


of DISD students in the class of 2021 enrolled in a four-year university.

The Application Process


The Dallas Youth Scholarship application is composed of two main parts; an application form and in-person interview. Applicants will fill out the application form below and attach necessary documents. Applicants who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, community involvement and above all an interest in pursuing higher education will be chosen as finalists. If chosen, finalists will be invited to City Hall to attend the in-person interview hosted by the Dallas Youth Commission. 

Required Documents

  1. High School Transcript

  2. Community Service log (signed)  

  3. Teacher Letter of Recommendation (optional)


Prompt: Consider your pursuit of higher education. What goals do you have, what have you done to achieve those goals and how will this scholarship benefit you? Be sure to provide specific details.

  • Length: 450 words max.

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12

  • Spacing: 2.0 (Double spaced)


Only 10 applicants will be chosen as finalists and attend the in-person interview. Finalists will receive an email regarding their decision and additional information. Finalists are recommended to arrive 15 minutes before their interview slot. 

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Get notified when applications open

  • What is higher education? Does _____ count as higher education?
    Education beyond high school. This can be in the form of university, college, or trade school.
  • Who reviews/judges applicants?
    The Dallas Youth Commission is in charge of reviewing applicants, we (like you) are high school students. This scholarship is completely run by youth :)
  • Will I be accepted as a finalist?
    Maybe! The Dallas Youth Scholarships is completely unique and independent in the sense that we don't follow any strict criteria or guidelines when reviewing applicants. We look into every aspect of your application and determine whether or not you are a match based off of multiple factors. Above all, the Youth Commission is looking for someone who has shown excellence and drive in academics, extracurricular and community service. There is no algorithm, hacks, or tips to follow for this specific scholarship. Be your authentic self and do your best to reflect that in your application, that's the only way to increase your chances!
  • When will I know if I was chosen as a finalist?
    Results will be emailed to applicants before November 1st. If an applicant fails to accept their place as a finalist within 24hrs their spot will be given another student.
  • How should I prepare for the in-person interview?
    Think of the in-person interview as a conversation between you and the Youth Commission rather than a traditional job interview. It's very important to present the best version of yourself and above all else be honest with your replies. Some more specific tips would be; arrive 15 minutes early, dress business casual and look confident (even if you're not)!
  • Does this scholarship apply to any school?
    Yes! If chosen, winners will be required to submit a comprehensive itemized list of expenses.
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