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Election Day

Primary Election

Candidate Forum

District 8 Youth Commissioner



Time: 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Location: Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center 
Address: 1201 E 8th St, Dallas, TX 75203

Understand Who You're Voting for In the Primaries

The candidate forum hosted by the Youth Democracy Committee, in partnership with the Townview Student Voting Empowerment Coalition, provides a valuable opportunity for teenagers to learn more about the primary election candidates. This event allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the various candidates' platforms, policies, and visions for the future. By attending this forum, teens can engage in meaningful discussions, ask questions, and receive firsthand information from the candidates themselves. This not only helps them make informed decisions when casting their votes but also fosters their civic engagement and encourages them to actively participate in the democratic process.

Agenda and Candidates

5:35 pm Introduction/ Welcome/ Pledge

  • Introduce host organizations, discuss the purpose/intention of the forum (educate students of the importance of voting & civics and expose them to the current candidates for public offices), discuss the format (q&a using prepared questions and q&a using audience questions via Instagram), discuss topics of discussion: education, gun violence, climate change, and social justice. 

    • YDC Chair 

    • Student Voter Empowerment Club Chair

5:40 pm Review of Forum Procedures

  • Will be led by the moderator. 

  • There will be a blow-up poster of the rules.

5:45 pm Candidate Opening Remarks

  • Candidates have 3 minutes to briefly discuss their background (office they're running for and their prospective region) and key policies they intend to advocate for.

  • A YDC member will introduce the candidates one-by-one. 

  • Each candidate will have a poster dedicated to their stances/introductions. 

6:00 pm Questions & Answers 

  • 4x4 format (4 questions each on 4 different topics) relevant to the youth voter demographic (2-minute response time each)

  • Topic: education, gun violence, climate change, and social justice. 

  • Questions will be asked by the moderator.

  • YDC will come up with the questions using guidance from the Google Form. 

6:30 pm: Informal Q&A Period

  • Candidates meet the audience and answer questions while standing and walking amongst the audience. Refreshments & snacks will be provided for attendees.

6:55 pm Closing Remarks

  • YDC Chair 

  • SVEC Chair

Event Recap

Coming Soon

Stay Tuned

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