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Town Hall for Teens

The Backstory 

NTARUPT’s Youth Advisory Board and the Dallas Youth Commission were proud to host the 2022 Town Hall for Teens. NTARUPT is an adolescent pregnancy prevention awareness campaign hosted in Dallas, and we are very excited to be partnering with them to host this event. We are looking to serve up to 100 teens in the Dallas area that are high school students through Uplift charter schools, DISD, and youth-serving community organizations. The event was FREE for participants. We provided dinner and a $30 Amazon gift card.


The focus of the town hall was teen health and social injustice. The Town Hall for Teens gave the YAB and YC members a platform to voice their concerns about sex education to health professionals. These professionals discussed solutions like Title X Clinics, anonymous sexual health clinics for teens around the city. Youth Commissioners were also able to participate on a panel and discuss the different initiatives for the teens attending. After this panel, Commissioners walked around and were given feedback and suggestions by the attendees.

Event Elapsed!

What was discussed?

  • Texas Sex Ed TEKS ( state standards for Texas public schools)

  • Adding consent and inclusivity into the curriculum and making it mandatory

  • Equity regarding access to health care.

Who attended?

The goal of 100 participants was met! Aside from the teens (9th-12th grade), YAB members, and Dallas Youth Commissioners, three important professionals participated in a panel to answer pressing questions about sex education.


Terry Goltz Greenberg

Healthy Futures of Texas Board Member


Evelyn Delgado

President and CEO - Healthy Futures of Texas


Dr. Philip Huang

Director and Health Authority for the Dallas County Health and Human Services Department.


Below are several videos from the expert panel, clips of the YAB asking questions, and the Dallas Youth Commission answering questions on their panel.

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