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Competition Requirements:

A PDF of the requirements is linked here.

It includes a clear picture of the Dallas Youth Commission logo.

Elements of the City

Your submission must include at least one element of Dallas. It can be a landmark, building, or artwork found in the city - get creative with your design!

   Podcast Related

As you know, the art you're submitting is to be the face of the Dallas Youth Podcast. Please ensure that your art doesn't stray from this theme! If you want, you can portray this theme in any way you see fit.


In order to be uploaded as a cover for the podcast, all submissions must be in JPG or PNG format! Any other file types will not be accepted.

3000x3000 / 5.0 MB

Tying back into the previous requirement; the picture you're entering cannot exceed the requirement listed above. Make sure your file size is not bigger than 0.5 MB (megabytes). Any submissions above these requirements cannot be accepted!

    1400 x 1400 Pixels

The photo you are submitting of your work must fit into the Spotify Podcast Submission requirements. So please, before submitting, make sure your work is at least 1400 x 1400 pixels.

          DYC Logo

Last but certainly not least, your artwork must incorporate the Dallas Youth Commission logo! Please keep the colors and letter design similar/almost the same, but allow yourself to explore.

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