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Summer Employment Opportunity!

Groundwork Dallas has officially opened applications for the 2022 Trinity River Crew!

As an alumni from 2021 I can confidently and most importantly proudly, say that this opportunity of employment is like no other. Whether you are an activist for environmental conservation or just looking to make some money during summer break I suggest you read along and consider applying.

Groundwork Dallas is a non-profit organization that aims to conserve the environment that Dallas resides on. GWD regularly hosts community events (if you’re ever in need of community service hours) such as bird watching and clean ups, to both conserve the environment and educate people on the importance of conservation efforts.

The Trinity River Crew is one of these community efforts. TRC (in a nutshell) is a group of high schoolers that work under GWD by participating in conservation efforts and educational projects. TRC members will have an opportunity to learn to be leaders, work in groups, network, use equipment, hike, kayak and much much more. If you envision picking up trash every day, you could not be more wrong. The work you’ll do in the TRC will make a genuine impact.

Here is an overview of important information:

Ages 14-18

June 4th - July 29th, 2022

Typical work schedule will be Tuesday – Thursday 7:00 am – 3:30 pm; Friday 7:00 am – 1:30 pm

$11.15/hr paid bi-weekly

Sample work (based off of 2021 TRC):

Water quality testing

Bee-hotel construction

Clean up in parks, lakes, trails, etc.

Invasive species removal

Bird surveys

Plant surveys

It is important to know that this job demands physical labor. This doesn't mean you already have to be physically active, strong and able to work all day without break. It simply means you must be willing to work. Labor includes but is not limited to; carrying heavy equipment, walking long distances, working under the sun, etc. You will have water and breaks available at all times.

If you have any questions or would like further clarification feel free to reach out to Commissioner Corpus at or visit the Trinity River Crew website at . It cannot be emphasized enough that this is not just an opportunity to make money. It is an opportunity to make a long lasting impact, create new relationships, discover a new passion and much, much more.

Written by: Ricardo Corpus

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