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Thoughts on Winter Storm

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

In highly unusual snow and ice storm temperatures dropped to as low as 1-degree Fahrenheit for days on end. Across the State of Texas, pipes were frozen and power was out. Typically these problems can be fixed quickly but due to the long-standing cold spell, no maintenance could be done on neighborhoods in need of heat and other necessary resources.

Water plants across the state were without power, leading to many boil-water warnings and greatly distressing citizens across the state. Wind power, natural gas, and nuclear plants across Texas were frozen or could not be accessed. With storms of this nature rarely occurring cities will need to decide whether preparing for future events is necessary.

While some areas were lucky enough to have heat in their homes or offices, frozen pipes were, unfortunately, a hurdle that nearly everyone dealt with. Unfortunately, some houses across the state are uninhabitable after roofs caved in due to the intense pressure that burst pipes had on attics and roofs. On a more positive note, many citizens whose cars had all-wheel-drive had the opportunity to do many tremendous deeds for people when they needed them most.

Thankfully temperatures have now risen and plumbers from across the country who were negatively impacted by Covid will now have the opportunity to support their families and restore the great City of Dallas and the State of Texas. I know that the state will come back stronger than ever before and look forward to watching it happen.

Zander Feinstein, Youth Commission Chair

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