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A Note To District 5.

Hello, my name is Kalon Wofford and I am the Youth Commissioner for District 5. Being born and raised in Pleasant Grove I am very aware of the problems in my area and definitely eager to work towards solutions with Council Member Resendez.

That’s what interests me; the future of the world. Our youth will one day be in the high determining levels and possibly making laws. We should strive to Make sure the youth have a proper education and are proactive during the summer. Teaching and preaching to them about how it is to be minorities in the world. Giving them a different perspective on what’s going on in the world. The youth need to be aware of the world and the actions around them. Being more aware could help mold them into their selves and discover what they could grow up to be. I often feel that we give up on the youth because it’s too difficult and may hinder their mindsets. Youth should have productive and fun activities during the summer so they won't fall into the wrong crowd. I believe district 5 has potential within, which starts with youth and how they are brought up and taught about the real world.

One step at a time we can improve and let the youth be the bright leaders that one day will lead the way for others.

Written by: Kalon Wofford

Edited by: Ricardo Corpus

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