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COVID 123 – COVID 123 – Walk – Run - Hike

IN MARCH of 2020 – the world changed. I don’t have to remind you – WE all changed. One thing about COVID, ‘lock in lock’ or whatever you want to call it. It taught me one thing I never thought I would do. I am calling my little recap “COVID 123” – LIKE the name of a class in high school or college or any teaching class.

COVID 123 – One day after looking at the walls for seven days straight, my mom said “lets ride”. We got in the car with my nine year old Auntie and off we went. Yes I have an Aunt that is nine, my mother just turned the last decade of the dirty thirty and my granny is a real senior citizen! Ok, so much for my family – moving on to COVID 123.

Our COVID 123 class, started us leaving our house around 9am one morning, we ended up in Cedar Hill, Texas – at a hiking trail. I had never been on a hiking trail as nature designed as this one. Trails that led to nowhere it seemed. My mother was the eager one. My Auntie was afraid as I was – I even face timed my granny so just in case we got lost – we could be found. The trail was very interesting to say the least and fun was had by all. Actually, we ran into a very nice man who explained all the insects, animals and birds we might see along the walk.

As this was just the beginning of our exploring of trails – we moved to the trail next in our city district, my council district 4 – our next stop was Glen Dale park. Again, COVID 123 in full effect, this time we had a bike and skates in our hands this time. This trail just northside on Loop 12 or Ledbetter Drive – was way way more friendly. We saw small streams of water, the paved walking trail was wide enough to bike and walk or skate. We saw houses in the city that had farm animals on them. Mainly, horses but did not expect to see live animals. This was a go to for many times afterwards. Good curves, hardly no hills it was pretty flat but very nice.

COVID 123 led us back to Kiest Park not to just swing or climb the jungle bars, we walked and rode bikes here. Kiest Park is located in District 4 as well, with a very safe and friendly vibe. Wide open and safe to park your car. If you get there just in time you might want to have some change for the ice cream man.

Well, since we are moving ahead and not having to be sooo isolated – COVID 123 class has been awesome. District 4 just opened a new trail that I can't wait to get on. I did find where I would park near my home. There is a parking lot, that’s near Beckley and Overton, just behind the Family Dollar store. The Honey Springs-Cedar Crest Trail will be our next class session. And I can't wait! Happy Walking, Running, Hiking or skating – District 4 has a lot to offer.

Written by: Kourtlan Freeman

Edited by: Ricardo Corpus

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