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Dallas Youth Commission launches community service grant initiative

The City of Dallas Youth Commission has launched a community service grant initiative called Teens for Dallas. The grant provides financial assistance to youth organizations in the community to support their programming in exchange for completing a community service project planned by the Dallas Youth Commission.

“As society embarks on its return to normalcy, this grant initiative will serve as a major step in helping youth organizations thrive as well as give them the necessary funds to uplift teens across the city” said Zander Feinstein, Chair of the Dallas Youth Commission.

“I have seen first-hand how difficult it has been for students to be isolated and I am beyond excited to see the great work that our great youth leaders will accomplish together. “

“Teens for Dallas will give Dallas students and organizations the chance to give back to their city and community, and their city and community a chance to give back to them. Not only will the students help the city by volunteering to get the grant, but they will be giving back and doing positive work with that grant money.” - Aiden Ross, District 11

Organizations that meet the criteria may be awarded up to a thousand dollars. All applications will be reviewed and voted on by all Youth Commissioners. Eligible organizations will have an opportunity to attend evaluation meetings to present their organization to the Youth Commission.

Interested organizations should apply for the grant online at on the Dallas Youth Commission’s website. Applications are accepted throughout the year. The Youth Commission is governed by a fifteen-member board consisting of high school students (grade 9 through 12) who aim to serve their community while gaining the tools necessary to become effective and dedicated leaders in the future.

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