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Dallas Youth Summit

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

On April 27, the Youth Commission held its annual Youth Summit. The event was held at the Federal Reserve Bank and contained a series of Breakout Sessions all focused on youth related problems in Dallas.

Attendees arrived and were guided through a tour of the bank which introduced them to the process of shredding and processing money. Soon they were moved upstairs where the were served breakfast and allowed to plan their schedule for the day.

Youth Commissioners were paired together to each lead a discussion . Guests were allowed to chose two sessions and after breakfast were sent off to their first. Interesting presentations and engaging activities allowed for an in-depth analysis of the problems facing the youth in Dallas. Each discussion looked to inform attendees of their importance in the civic atmosphere of the city.

After attending the two sessions, discussions were merged together as everyone . gathered in the main auditorium. Here, several council members spoke about the importance of youth in Dallas and congratulated the Youth Commission on the summit. The day ended with team bonding activities and a final goodbye by the Youth Commission.

The Youth Commission wishes to thank everyone who attended the Youth Summit and hope to see everyone next year!

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