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Get Involved!

Something that teens need to do is to get involved and volunteer in the community.

When I was around 4 years old I started volunteering and yes I did start at a young age but to me that’s good. I loved volunteering growing up because I knew I was doing something good in my community or doing something good for someone's life. A reason why I think teens or young adults should volunteer is to feel that way because some teens feel like they can’t do anything to help anybody but in reality you can do a lot. Volunteering looks good on your applications to college or any job and volunteering gives you confidence to do other things in your life. Some examples of volunteering are; going to your local homeless shelter and volunteering at the soup kitchen, picking up trash on the side of the road, donating clothes (that’s not volunteering but you’re doing something to help someone), etc. Some ways you can find volunteer sites is; talking to your councilmembers or asking the library that’s near you or heck looking it up. I turned 16 this year and I'm still volunteering.

My family loves to help people out and it’s a great experience with us to know we’re helping others that are needed to be heard. We have our own nonprofit organization and we pass out food to our community or clothes or anything that they need and by us always doing that big organizations have heard about us. We’ve gotten tons of donations from Walmart and Amazon and other organizations.

So if you’re from age 11 to whatever age above then look for volunteering opportunities because it benefits your community and keeps you involved.

Written by: Margarita Hernandez

Edited by: Ricardo Corpus

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