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Get to Know our New Commissioner, Arran Davis!

Hello! My name is Arran Davis and I am the new Youth Commissioner for District 9. (The East Dallas/White Rock Lake area.)

Some things you should know about me…

● I am the youngest of seven (and a fraternal twin).

● I attend The School for the Talented and Gifted as a sophomore.

● I want to major in Political Science and possibly partake in a 3+3 law program.

● I am really excited to start making changes for District 9’s Youth!

Both of my parents are somewhat connected to the law world - my dad was a tax litigation lawyer and my mom is a trial jury psychologist. My dad retired a few years ago, but my mom still works. To this day my dad tells me things he learned through his career and cases he remembers to this day. I think being surrounded by law and the legal world pretty much my entire upbringing really inspired my interest in politics and law school. My mom has consistently pushed me to pursue what I am interested in, and she is the reason I worked as an intern for Councilmember Blackmon in her re-election campaign.

I got my start working for Councilmember Blackmon back in the spring. You might have seen me block-walking in your neighborhood! I was out, knocking on doors with Councilmember Blackmon several weekends for several weekends, and it was all entirely worth it. I learned the importance of grassroots-based campaigns and connecting with constituents. I was with Councilmember Blackmon when she won in the landslide election, and I attended the Inauguration in May.

I have been a part of the Youth Commission for about two months now, and I have attended two of the monthly meetings. I also went to National Night Out in October and took part in the National League of Cities (NLC) in mid-November.

Outside of Youth Commission, I am part of a club at my school called Period: Townview, which is a branch of the PERIOD project. We are trying to distribute period products to people in need, erase the stigma around periods, and raise awareness towards things like period poverty. Back in April, I went to Austin with Councilmember Blackmon to lobby for House Bill 321 which, if passed, would get rid of sales taxes on menstrual products.

I am very excited to continue working as District 9’s Youth Commissioner!

Me and Councilwoman Paula Blackmon at the National Night Out event in October!

Written By : Arran Davis

Edited By: Ricardo Corpus

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