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Introducing the YC Magazine!

In the past month, Commissioner Davis, with the help of Commissioner Corpus and Hernandez have been in the process of creating a city wide magazine whose goal is to shine light on youth topics, issues and news. With a release date of early May, the magazine will be distributed via physical copies in schools, libraries, stores and public spaces. A digital version of the magazine will also be available. The magazine's purpose is to connect youth, provide opportunities and increase community awareness.

The magazine consists of a team of writers, artists and editors who were picked from an application process by the Chair of the magazine. There are currently 15 members, however we plan to accept much more. As of now we have had two successful in person meetings at City Hall in which we work on and discuss the topics we agreed to write about. A Vice Chair is also in the process of being elected. The topics covered in our magazine will range from serious discussions and debates about the status quo of Dallas, as well as light hearted comments and conversations. The magazine also has plans to launch a city wide event to promote the first edition of the magazine which would be available to high school students.

We hope our team and impact grows as the year progresses, and as more people read what we feel is significant to not only us but the rest of Dallas.

If you are interested in applying to the magazine as either a writer, editor or artist contact us at

Written by: Ricardo Corpus

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