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La La Land Kind Cafe

Not only does La La Land Kind Cafe have amazing coffee and a great atmosphere, it also serves to better the Dallas community.

As we arrived to the lower Greenville area, we came upon a beautiful remodeled home with a spacious porch, all filled with herds of people looking for a great way to spend a Saturday in the Texas heat.

Walking in, the walls were painted a dreamy white that reminded us of a cute cottage you would see in Southern Living magazine. The second we stepped into the main door, we immediately felt welcomed by the accents of yellow that were scattered across the room. Both huge fans of avocado toast, Fernanda and I jumped at the chance to try La La Land Kind’s rendition...and of course we couldn’t help but order their famous coffee and chai after noticing the high tech coffee brewery machine.

After placing our orders, we made our way outside to enjoy the shaded patio. The outdoor furniture perfectly paired with the vibe of the cafe and mirrored its relaxed yet sophisticated look. With the weather being in the high 90s, our iced coffee and iced blended chai helped us cool down as the sun continued to blaze. Once our avocado toast arrived, we devoured every bite! Although the piece of toast itself was quite oversized for our taste, you truly receive the amount you paid for. Other than the size, the toast was perfect. The avocado had the perfect balance between creaminess and thickness, and it paired perfectly with the toasted piece of bread below it. To top it all off, the chef added chili flakes and cilantro, adding a nice flair and new favors to the typical avocado toast. Our experience at La La Land Kind was superb and our service was stellar!

Founded by 23 year-old Francois Reihani, La La Land Kind Cafe seeks to employ foster youth who have aged out of the system. The cafe values itself in teaching employees life skills which they can take to create lives outside of the workplace. The company has its own non-profit called We Are One where they hope to use as a platform to inspire other businesses to follow their employment goal. The cafe strives to create a sense of community and belonging for these kids while also providing great food and drink. Support this local cafe and go visit soon!

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