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Represent Dallas by serving as a Leadership Consultant for YAB!

The Dallas Youth Commission and YAB have teamed up to recruit teens to serve as Leadership Consultants on the YAB Planning Committee. Leadership consultants will guide their adult members as well as give their own opinions and point of view on topics, projects, and meetings.

What is YAB?

The Youth Advisory Board is a diverse, teen-led committee created to maintain and raise community awareness about teen related topics. YAB scholars are selected to raise advocacy and promote impactful change. YAB participates and leads in youth related projects to benefit their communities.

What benefits would I receive?

  • Personal development in communication, leadership, public speaking, team building, etc.

  • Experience to be included in future resumes and applications.

  • Community service hours by participating in youth service projects.

  • $25 gift card for every meeting attended.

  • Networking opportunities.

Am I qualified to apply?

So long as you have a passion to benefit your community you are more than eligible to participate as a Leadership Consultant. A letter of recommendation from an educator or administration and a parent/guardian consent form is required upon registering.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact

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