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Sushi de Handroll

Sushi de Handroll, a small sushi restaurant, is tucked away in a new development center that sits on Walnut Hill and separates North Dallas from Lake Highlands. Nestled in the courtyard of the Hill Shopping Center, sits this fantastic, young jewel. This small sushi joint puts a few enlightening but not

Sarrang P.

radical twists on the typical sushi experience.

Upon first entrance, I was struck by the simplicity of this restaurant. Wooden seats and tables, and some almost cartoonish designs on the walls all bring

a sense of airiness to the restaurant. After taking in the environment, I was greeted by the friendly staff, who escorted me to my table and asked me if I have ever dined there before. I said no, and they went on to explain the menu. Dishes like sushi rolls, tempura, and a salad are ordered a la carte. However, those with a bigger appetite than myself can choose from platters of 5 different types of sushi rolls. Being a neophyte in the ways of this dining establishment, I blindly ordered the shrimp and vegetable tempura, a salad, and the braised chicken teriyaki bowl. The shrimp and vegetable tempura, which came with two large shrimp and an assortment of perfectly cooked vegetables, was served with perfect tempura dipping sauce, whose almost sweet and soy sauce-like taste paired so well with the lightly buttered dish. The salad was, although simple, shockingly tasteful. The freshness of the small tomatoes, shaved carrots, cucumbers and simple romaine lettuce paired with the tanginess of the Yuzu dressing, made for a beautiful vegetable experience. Finally, the braised teriyaki chicken roll. Having come into the restaurant with no prior knowledge of its modus operandi, I assumed that I would be receiving a typical sushi roll, but when my dish was served to me, I was thoroughly shocked. Instead of receiving a typical sushi roll, I was greeted by a dish that can more closely be identified as a taco than a sushi roll. This roll is almost 3 inches long, and has an outer wrapping of seaweed, with the normal sushi rice and braised teriyaki chicken on the inside. Despite this roll’s protracted and jarring look, the first bite brought a marvelous blast of flavors. The teriyaki was sweet and almost smokey, the rice had that typical vinegary flavor, and the seaweed mellowed it out with its salty, oceanic undertones.

Ilene Jacobs

This roll, along with the entire restaurant’s menu reflected the traditional Japanese American dining mixed with a few added twists that make this experience and cuisine truly stand out. Sushi de Handroll is an establishment with an excellent menu, cuisine, and staff, which all help in creating a wonderful dining experience.

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