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Want to know more about the Youth Commissioners?

We aim to serve our community while gaining the tools necessary to become effective and dedicated leaders in the future. We hope to engage and work alongside other teen leaders to bring forth a change in our districts. Every second Tuesday of the month, we meet to discuss ideas for new projects, future events, and follow up on ongoing initiatives.

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Our Mission

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Monthly Meetings

Interested in taking part of local government? Come to our meetings to hear about our newest projects.


Triple Threat Basketball Tournament

The District 8 teenagers come together to play basketball, hang out, and shoot some hoops! Winers got a $100 cash prize!


Committee Applications

Applications to join the DYC committees are live! Learn more about how you can work directly with our initiatives.


Community Closet Amazon Wishlist

You can now donate to ALL of the Community Closets via our Amazon Wishlist!


A.T.E. Podcast

Learn more about the YC's newest initiative that aims to connect with teens on a personal level.


Multicultural Celebration

District 15 YC, Hilton Sampson, aims to celebrate and appreciate Dallas' diverse array of cultures on May 21st, 2024. Join us to eat, shop, and dance!

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We strive to inspire change in our communities

The Dallas Youth Commission works to encourage teens to take their lives into their own hands. Don't let others be the change you envisioned - it's time for you to make your inspiration a reality. With the help of our initiatives, you can accomplish anything.

Click here to get a more in-depth look into everything the YC has accomplished recently.

Community Clothing Closet Drive

Commissioner for District 6, Margarita Hernandez, raised donations for her personal project.

Mayor's Back to School Fair

We handed out backpacks and flyers for our events. We also got to meet the mayor!

National League of Cities - Atlanta

The DYC took a trip to Atlanta to connect with youth councils from across the country and attend the conference planned by the YC chair!

Girls In Aviation Day w/ Dallas Love Field

YC volunteered alongside Dallas Love Field workers to educate girls about aviation.

Pinkston Back to School Fair

Commissioners Myles, Andrea, and Margarita handed out information about YC.

All-American City Awards

Several commissioners represented the YC at the All-American City Awards and helped Dallas win the title of All-American City.

National League of Cities - DC

Commissioners got to meet and discuss issues with other teens from around the country.

National League of Cities - Kansas City

The DYC took a trip to Kansas City to meet with youth from across the country, speak with elected officials, and see FLOTUS.

All Teens Everywhere Podcast

The YCs way of connecting with youth and voicing their honest opinions about pressing topics.

Youth Commission In Action

Interested in seeing the Youth Commission at the events we have attended? Below are a few videos we have taken to connect with youth and showcase what we do. 

Pinkston Back To School Fair Vlog

Commissioners Andrea, Myles, and Margarita showcase what it was like to outreach to teens about the YC, as well as conduct a special interview with a District 6 teen.

Grand Opening Speech 

Commissioner Margarita Hernandez gives a speech to students, teachers, and adults attending her Community Closet Opening at L.G. Pinkston High School.

Inside look into the DYM and DYS

Period Access Dallas Tiktok

Chair of the Youth Commission, Ricardo Corpus, discusses the Dallas Youth Magazine and the Scholarship at the Community Closet Donation Drive.

Commissioners Margarita, Myles, and Simon film a TikTok to inform teens about the benefits of PAD. They also film a more extensive informational video for those interested in the process of getting products through PAD.

Dallas Youth Scholarship Applicants

Chair of the Youth Commission, Ricardo Corpus, answers the question: "What do I need to do to stand out in DYS applications?" His answer discusses what the Dallas Youth Scholarship is looking for in its applicants. 


What Commissioners say,

"I hope to establish safe neighborhoods by developing public improvement projects in my district."
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