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2020 Census is Coming To Town!

You better watch out

You better not cry

You better not pout

I'm telling you why

The Census is coming to town!

Well, more accurately the Census is in town and I am going to tell you why the census is important:

  • It determines the number of house seats that each state gets

  • It determines how federal, local and state districts are drawn

  • It determines the amount of funding that states and cities get from the federal government

  • The information is used for planning and responding to emergencies

Now for the begging and groveling:

Please encourage your parents to just fill out the census! It brings money to your community, and the information isn’t released for 72 years. Just go to or and fill it out please. Please just do it! It makes everything so much better for everyone if we get a full count but to do that you have to fill out the census. Please, please, please just make sure that they fill it out. I am begging you, your community is begging you. Please!

Written by Aiden, District 11

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