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Covid-19 is Not Slowing Down... What Can We Do?

Unfortunately for all of us, many people in our country believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is winding down. However in the last month alone, cases in the US have risen from around 22,000 to 50,940. While most states and most people remain uninformed and lax with their social distancing, New Mexico has taken their quarantine to a whole new level.

It seems that many of our country’s leaders don’t really have a plan to stop any further spread of the virus, although the governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham has not yet given up. Since July 1st, visitors to New Mexico’s National parks have been required to provide proof of residency in the state in order to be admitted. Visitors just passing through are required to confine themselves to their hotel rooms for a 14-day period.

The Dallas Youth Commission is committed to coming up with solutions to slow the rise of cases in Dallas. What are some ways you think that we can curb the rise here in Dallas?

Written by Ben W., District 9

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