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Standardized Testing during the Pandemic

These have been challenging and stressful times for all. For those of us seniors looking

forward to our future, to college, one thing hangs over us: testing. Yes, the always dread SAT and ACT, two tests that seem too many of us like the sole deciding factor of our future outcomes.

For many of us, applying for colleges, we have found ourselves stuck between two worlds, the world of test taking and the world of applying to college without those seemingly magic numbers on our applications. Luckily, we have options, most schools have gone test optional, yet despite this the struggle is not over. We have to weigh whether submitting scores will give us an advantage in our admissions process, or whether it’s worth applying to that one school that isn’t going test optional and risk contracting Covid-19 at a testing site.

These days, there are no good answers, there are no perfect solutions, and for many of

us, we must weigh our priorities and decide what we want to do. While too many it may seem that colleges going test optional has taken a burden off our shoulders, it has for many, added another stressor and another hard decision that must be made.

Written by Aiden, District 11

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