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When Youth Do Their Part

In the past months we have seen youth step up. They have helped their families during this pandemic, they have fought for social justice and racial equality. While taking on these roles, many youth have had to take on a role that is perhaps even more foreign: the role of regulating family members.

In the past our parents and grandparents have been the ones who have protected us, kept us safe, and made sure that we made safe decisions. These days, for many of us, the tables are turned. We have to be the ones to tell our at risk, adult family members that they shouldn’t go out and eat at a restaurant, or that they shouldn’t go see their friends.

It's not easy stepping up, and certainly isn’t convenient, but we as youth have a responsibility to try to make those we care about make good choices. It’s not fair, it’s not fair that the virus disproportionately affects older people, and it’s not fair that for their safety, older people or people with preexisting conditions need to isolate themselves. This is the situation. Maybe your loved one says something like “if I get it, I get it” or “I’d rather take the risk and leave the house,” but you have to tell them the truth, they may be at peace with them dying but you aren’t.

We as youth have been and need to continue to make sure our loved ones who are at risk make good choices. This is not an easy task, but now more than ever, youth are stepping up to the plate.

When Youth Do Our Part, We Can Make a Difference.

Written by Aiden, District 11

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